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Slow-cooked pork roast with red currant sauce

26 November 2018
Recipe - Second course - Dairy free
Slow-cooked pork roast with red currant sauce

It’s been a few days since I’m experimenting with the preparation of some courses using the slow cooking system, and I made a tender and juicy roast pork that I decided to combine with a fancy currant sauce.

Slow cooking makes best use of water and fats naturally contained in foods for this reason, it is possible to cook using less liquids, oil and butter, however obtaining tasty courses and maintaining the right degree of humidity.

By extending the cooking process, the aroma of the seasoning has more time to give off and the connective tissues of the meat can melt so as to give us a softer consistency.

In addition, moderate heat preserves vitamins and mineral salts more.

The good news is that to use the slow cooking system is not necessary expensive and sophisticated equipment, but just get a Crock-Pot, the electric pot that since 1970 is the original brand for slow cooking.

Using it is very easy: you put the ingredients inside it and set the cooking time, it does the rest.

You do not have to turn the courses during the cooking time, so while the Crock-Pot works, you can forget the stove and spend your time on other chores or just enjoy a few hours of relaxation!

And now… Let’s move on to the recipe!

Some tricks before directions

I decided to combine my roast with this currant sauce to give it an original touch, besides, the red color of the seasoning seems to me that makes it perfect to be served during the Christmas period.

Alternatively, you can still use the sauce released from the roast during cooking.

In this case you should thicken it a little, making simmer it for about a minute in a small pot with half a teaspoon of cornstarch.

If you need, adjust with salt and pepper.

Pork roast with red currant

Roast pork with red currant sauce recipe

Preparation times
30 min
Cooking times
3 h 10 min
Nutritional values
( per serving )
Carbohydrates: 16 gr
Calories: 321 kcal


Serves 6

    For the roast pork

  • 1.1 kg of pork loin
  • 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 leek
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 stalk of green celery
  • 1 garlic clove
  • Fresh rosemary as required
  • Salt and pepper as required
  • For the red currant sauce

  • Around 180 gr of red currant
  • 65 gr of sugar
  • 30 ml of apple vinegar
  • 10 ml of water
  • A garlic clove
  • 2 cm of fresh ginger
  • A dried chili
  • Half a teaspoon of cornstarch
  • Salt to taste

Making the roast pork

Massage the meat with extra virgin olive oil and transfer it on a hot plate or frying pan, brown it over a high heat on all sides.

When the meat is well coloured, place it on a dish, add salt and pepper generously on each side and transfer it into the Crock-Pot.

Add a little extra virgin olive oil, the leek, the carrot and the stalk of celery previously washed and cut in half, add the unpeeled garlic clove slightly crushed and a few sprigs of fresh rosemary.

Select the “low” cooking system and let cook for 3 hours.

Meanwhile, you can dedicate yourself to the preparation of the sauce.

When the roast pork has finished cooking remove it from the Crock-Pot, wrap it in tinfoil and let it rest for at least 15 minutes before cutting it and serving it.

Making the red currant sauce

Gently rinse and dry your currants, remove them from the bunches and transfer them to the glass of a hand mixer.

Blend the currants for a few seconds, then pass the smoothie through a strainer helping with a spoon to remove the seeds and coarse parts.

To prepare the sauce you will need a total of 100 ml of the coulis obtained.

In a saucepan add 70 ml of currant coulis with sugar, vinegar, water, crumbled pepper, a pinch of salt, the ginger peeled and cut into 4 parts, the peeled and cut into two parts garlic clove.

Keep the heat low and bring the mixture to a gentle boil, stirring occasionally.

When it is boiling, add the cornstarch to the remaining 30 ml of coulis, stir and add the mixture to the sauce.

Simmer for a minute then turn off the stove.

Let your red currant sauce cool down before removing your garlic and ginger, transfer it to a bowl and cover with plastic wrap; serve it at room temperature.

After the rest time of the meat remove it from the tinfoil, cut it into slices not too thick, distribute them on a serving dish, season with a little salt and pepper.

Finish by decorating the dish with some currants and sprigs of aromatic herbs to taste.

I served my slow-cooked pork roast with red currant sauce along with some baked onions.

Slow-cooked roast with baked onions

This post was written in collaboration with Crock-Pot – The original slow cooker.