About me - In viaggio in cucina

About me




Here I am!

My name is Silvia, I live in Milan and since I was a little child I have shown my great interest in good eating.

Above all, for me, cooking is a way to cuddle people I love, giving them moments of pleasure through tastes an smells.

For this reason, I decided to share my recipes and let my cuddles go further, spreading them beyond my home and let them reach you through the net.

I love travelling very much, but, for practical reasons, I can’t do it frequently, so I thought by trying with my recipes, going from Italian food to ethnic cuisine and from traditional dishes to modern and creative ones.

I’m a self-learner; when I cook I express my curiosity, I’m keen on looking for something new and try it.

As there are no limits to imagination, “my journey in the kitchen” is boundless!