Asparagus quiche and a special picnic - In viaggio in cucina

Asparagus quiche and a special picnic in my living room

28 April 2017
Recipe - Starter & Appetizer - First course
Asparagus quiche

Today I’m going to show you how to make a very good asparagus quiche and I’ll suggest you a little unusual method to set up a yummy and funny picnic.

As you can realize by my post title, during the last few days I arranged a picnic in my living room; a romantic memory inspired me and I decided to prepare this tiny and delicious banquet for a very special event…

My husband and I found the home where we are living before to get married, and the desire to stay together was so intense that these rooms began to host us even before the apartment was furnished.

Not having a table and a kitchen, we often set up picnics at home, and I was exactly sitting on the floor of the living room when his wedding proposal and his engagement ring arrived…

That’s why this year, on our wedding anniversary, I decided to surprise my half with a picnic in the living room remembering those romantic moments.

I dedicate great care organizing this event so special to me, and, first, I wanted to choose a bottle of wine that was up to the situation.

To set up my picnic in the living room I used a white linen cloth that I lay down on a low table placed in front of my couch, I let the cloth fall softly covering even part of the floor.

To create the atmosphere, I placed a basket on the cloth (which in a picnic you must certainly not miss) and above it I lay down some beautiful colored tulips.

Then I set my cloth with tiny delicacies appropriate to the situation: an asparagus quiche (which is the main recipe for this post), a rice salad, some little focaccia breads with tomatoes that I love like crazy, a little goat cheese wheel, fresh fruit including strawberries, that are a must for this season, two little desserts in jars to end with sweetness…

And above all, a bottle of great Italian wine, for a toast to remember!

How much happiness can give a picnic!?

Some tricks before directions

This asparagus quiche is quite easy to make and it’s very tasty.

It is particularly suitable as an appetizer or as a first course and, being handy to be carried, it is perfect for enjoying during a lunch or a dinner in the open air.

According to your taste, you can replace shortcrust pastry (brisée) with puff pastry, in both cases you can buy pre-made ones.


Picnic with asparagus quiche

Asparagus quiche recipe

Preparation times
15 min
Cooking times
35 min
Nutritional values
( per serving )
Carbohydrates: 17 gr
Calories: 307 kcal


Serves 6
For a 22 cm squared baking pan

  • 500 gr of asparagus
  • 200 gr of shortcrust pastry (brisée)
  • 200 gr of robiola cheese
  • 20 gr grated Parmesan cheese
  • 4 eggs
  • Salt as required
  • Pepper as required


Cut off the hardest and clearest part of the asparagus stems, rinse them, then plunge them into salty boiling water for about one minute.

After this time put asparagus in cold water, preferably iced, to halt the cooking process, then transfer them into a dish and keep aside.

Preheat your oven at 200°C in conventional mood.

In a bowl, whisk your eggs with robiola cheese and 15 gr of grated Parmesan cheese, add salt and pepper to taste.

Grease with some butter and dust lightly with some flour your baking pan, cover it with shortcrust pastry and fill it with your eggs and cheese mixture.

Place the asparagus in your quiche, sprinkle the surface with the remaining grated Parmesan cheese and bake.

Bake for about 35 minutes or until the filling is firm and the borders will be golden.

Serve your asparagus quiche warm or at room temperature according to your preferences.

Asparagus quiche with a bottle of Italian wine