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Vegan raspberry mini bundt cakes

17 March 2017
Recipe - Dessert - Vegan
Vegan raspberry mini bundt cake

I love to try something new when I’m cooking and it’s been a long time since I wanted to make a cake without butter and without eggs

These vegan raspberry mini bundt cakes are suitable not only for those who has chosen not to consume animal source foods, but also for who has problems with cholesterol level, or just wants to satisfy his sweet tooth without overindulge in fat.

It’s not by chance that, for this vegan cake dough, I decided to use rice oil…

Rice oil, compared with other vegetable oils, has less unsaponifiable sterols (substances that are in the oil and that are not triglycerides), the most important of these is gamma oryzanol that has antioxidant and anti-cholesterol properties.

Rice oil has a light taste, for this reason, I think it is very appropriate to make cakes; it also has a very high smoke point and can be used to cook foods also at more than 180°C without harmful effects.

Some tricks before directions

Vegan raspberry mini bundt cakes recipe is very simple and you have to follow just some little precautions.

If you want to save fat as much as possible, you can use silicone moulds or paper cases.

But if you use metal moulds remember to grease them with some vegetable butter (or common butter if you don’t follow vegan diet) before to dust with flour.

As an alternative you can find nonstick cooking spray (also vegetable-fats based), I advise you against using oil to grease your metal moulds because it glides away from the sides and it doesn’t work very well.

Cook time I suggest you in my recipe is approximate and could change according to the volume and the material of your moulds.

So keep your vegan raspberry mini bundt cakes under watch while baking and, when they are golden and emanate a tempting scent, use the never-failing toothpick test to be sure if they’re done to a turn.
vegan ring-shaped cakes

Vegan raspberry mini bundt cakes recipe

Preparation times
20 min
Cooking times
30 min
Nutritional values
( per serving )
Calories: 269 kcal


Serves 12
Makes 6 - 200 ml mini bund cake molds

  • 250 gr pastry flour
  • 50 gr corn flour "fioretto" (the thinner yellow corn flour to make polenta)
  • 140 gr sugar
  • 190 ml fresh-squeezed orange juice (or sugar free orange juice)
  • 45 ml rice oil
  • 12 gr baking powder (or 8gr cream of tartar + 4 gr of baking soda)
  • 180 gr raspberries
  • Finely grated zest of an organic lemon


Preheat your oven at 180°C.

Grease and dust with flour your bundt moulds.

Rinse and dry gently your raspberries, cut them in half.

Squeeze your oranges and pour the juice in a small colander to remove pulp residuals and seeds, measure 190 ml of it and keep aside.

Sift the flours with the baking soda in a bowl, add sugar, grated lemon zest, orange juice and the rice oil; mix until you get a uniform dough.

Add your raspberries and mix gently.

Distribute the mixture filling the moulds up to about 3/4 of their capacity.

Bake your mini bundt cakes for about half an hour or until golden (use the toothpick test).

After baking, leave them in to the oven for 5 minutes with the door ajar.

After this time, transfer the pan on a wire rack and allow to cool a little before turn the cakes out.

When your vegan raspberry mini bundt cakes are completely cooled, dust them with icing sugar and serve.
sliced vegan raspberry mini bundt cakes